why does bigby have sunflower seeds all over his chin tho

helveticastandard said: ima give him what for

i dont know man russians are pretty scary. the boy is fronting and i would not mess with him

if i could shower all the people who have ever been/are nice to me in unconditional affection i would but i am like a dog and i do not know when to stop

kooneko said: yOUR MUCH CUTER THEN ARVO… NO…..

i literally started tearing up when i read this *grips ur shoulder* bruh….

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i cant lie though i think hes cute and according to a friend he looks like me so 

kooneko said: what else are we supposed to think

you are under arrest for harboring lust towards a strange russian child with a squeaky leg

i like how the general reaction towards arvo is “fuck arvo but fuck arvo”


This shit’s getting ridiculous, Telltale. I need to know.

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