Tuesday Apr 4 @ 10:12pm

mewtwo870 said: what’s new ppl sexualizing teenage girls with mental illnesses

nothing!!! its still disgusting as its always been 

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:42pm
Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:42pm

asuka and rei must be viewed as queens and not fucktoys. are we clear? 

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:40pm


Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:37pm

for the record i usually try to pick characters based on looks/stature so tiny characters would be nice

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:36pm

mmmm im trying figure out who im going as for otakon, i know for one day i am going as plugsuit rei, i was also thinking about heather mason….any ideas

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:34pm

idk like i just think calling out some and worshipping others is useless bc at the end of the day theyve all done bad things

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:13pm

i honestly dont really get why people cling to celebrities so much and are surprised when they say something awful. i dont even get why people cling to celebrities bc one day whether you like it or not theyre gonna say something awful

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:08pm
Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:05pm
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